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EAN: 5901780569051
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AQUA lamps are a perfect example of the combination of design, quality and innovation. Our lamps, equipped with LED diodes, provide extremely bright and pleasant light that is pleasant to the eye and does not strain the eyes. AQUA's offer includes lamps in three different sizes: Ø 300 h 29, Ø 400 h 29 and Ø 500 h 29. Thanks to this, you can choose a lamp with the right dimensions for every room in your house. Regardless of whether you want to illuminate the kitchen, living room or bedroom, AQUA has the perfect solution for you. Additionally, AQUA lamps are available in two different color versions. Thanks to this, you can match the lamp to the interior design. The IP 54 tightness class is another advantage of our lamps. This means that they are resistant to dust and moisture, which makes them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. AQUA lamps are also dimmable. Thanks to this, you can adjust the light intensity to your needs and mood. AQUA lamps also allow you to change the color of the light. Using the switch located inside the lamp, you can choose one of the three available options: 3000K, 4000K or 6500K. This way, you will create an atmosphere that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

Energy class A++ - E
Product height [mm] 500
Product width [mm] 500
Product length [mm] 29
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